Video Animation Production

A timeless medium to fill the mind.

Explainer Video

Heineken ➤

Animated Video Production Case Study


World Health Organisation ➤

Video Animation Supporting Health

Case Study Safety

Johnson & Johnson ➤

Animated Video To Save Lives

product animation

Hewlett-Packard ➤

3D Animated Product Video


United Nations ➤

Animated Video for Charity

cut out animation

Pfizer ➤

Cut Out Animation Production

animation for exhibition

Aggreko ➤

Animation For Mining Trade Exhibition

Explainer Video Animation

Blackrock ➤

Hand Drawn Animation For Financial Services

3d Childrens Story

Rocket the Reindeer ➤

Children's 3D Animated Video

Hand Drawn

Fake Malaria Drugs Campaign ➤

Hand Drawn Animation Production

Staff Training Video

Harrods ➤

Animated Staff Training Video



Animated Video Crossing Language Barriers

Video Highlight

A Message To Motivate Staff

Customer loyalty is a vital part of retail life and Harrods wanted to encourage staff to take their reward scheme forward. Rather than a standard in store video of real customers and staff, they wanted the message to be unique, memorable.

Animated Video For Communication

Animated video can bring to life whatever the human mind can conceive. The converse is equally true, with the mind being able to interpret imagery in animated form so well.

A complex product, system, or idea can be transformed into clear information, large scale, or microscopic concepts made easy to grasp. Animated video production is far more than visual effects.

Creative Solutions For Business

Subjects can be animated from images, sketches, CAD files, or to match your vision. Every element can be given character, good, bad, dangerous, sporty, video animation is about feeling.

Animated video production must also be about the reason for the video, the business reason. Whether explaining a new system, or the ethos of your company, enhancing understanding is the key.

This comes from Shoot You focusing on their most important task, listening, understanding your business, your brief. The core of a succesful video, regardless of all the skill applied.

The Range Of Animation Production

We will help with ideas if you wish and there are an array of options to take them forward. Hand drawn animation, 2D, 3D, CGI, a careful mix of these, or using them alongside normal video.

Producing animated video is a limitless field, a match for the imagination. To the above can be added bespoke sound tracks, voiceovers, the ability to weave animation into real world footage.

High Quality Video Matters

Animated video can create an amazing experience for your viewers, although we understand the need to ensure this is of the best quality. So they will be immersed, taken to the world you want them to be in.

Shoot You employ state of the art technology and a team of award winning animators. Every facility is under one roof, including a sound studio, professional voiceover, translation, creative script writers and producers.

Animated Video Production From Shoot You

Excellent facilities do matter but we would like to reinforce the point on the best animated video production coming from a partnership. We are here to support your needs and bring clarity to your message.

Our team are friendly and creative yet also understand business, investing in video should produce a great return. If you would like to learn more on how we help, please get in touch at any time.