Corporate Video Production in London

Helping business to harness the power of video and animation as part of corporate communications.

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Former BBC staff producing superb video and animation since 2000

We create engaging video content, commercials, corporate films, exceptional animation, explainer videos, documentaries and everything in between.

Why Video Production Matters

Corporate video is becoming the high return content on the most successful business websites. Videos are equally valuable for training, conferences, interaction, creating a pitch, wherever a clear message is needed.

A video production company in London, or across the globe, can give your business the opportunity to share in a revolution. The 21st century equivalent of the jump from radio to television, providing your message is produced as you would wish.

Shoot You's Partnership Approach

We have an exceptionally skilled team but there is one area which matters beyond video production skills, the ability to listen. However captivating our videos are, they should meet your business needs.

The creative producer assigned to you is there to understand your organisation, audience and budget. They will work with you, to develop the initial brief and produce a video which succeeds. When this happens, there is no better message.

A Medium Of Exceptional Variety

The latest technology has reduced cost and brought amazing opportunities to incorporate motion graphics, 3D modelling, or animation into video. An area where we lead the industry, through talented staff we are fortunate to have.

Camera, lighting and sound skills on site are vital but video production can be about post production. Our in house voiceover staff, artists and editors add value, to create broadcast quality content for any purpose.

Corporate Video - A good video production company makes corporate information valuable, accessible. A way to quickly and clearly connect to your audience, to provide the best ROI within any marketing portfolio. See more on:

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Motion Graphics - A powerful way to describe events large and small, or make complex themes clear. From a global IT system, to the effects of a drug on a human cell, able to make any video truly communicate. Read about:

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Animation Production - Shoot You can animate anything you can imagine. CAD files become 3D reality, products and ideas are alive, our artists share their imagination. A great way to communicate across language barriers. See our:

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Our Creative Team - Technical accuracy matters and is provided by our experienced staff. We still encourage them to adopt an intuitive approach to video production, to think freely and build ideas to fill the minds of viewers:

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Practical Advice - Commissioning a corporate video can be easier if you are familiar with the procedure and how you can get the best out of a production team. Why not take a look at our:

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We are London's finest video production company because Shoot You produce your videos, not ours. We make them special, we make them on budget and on time, there's no need for a gap between your imagination and your message.

Shoot You Animation Showreel

Increasingly animation is used within corporate video production. It can be useful to help explain complex ideas or products, or a way to communicate concepts across many languages.

Producing Animated Video

Corporate Video

The faces behind a large corporation, JP Morgan wanted to show the human side to the people making the decisions:

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