Global supplier of temporary power, heating and cooling equipment.


2013 - present

Media produced

Video, animation, infographics & photography


Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, North America

Aggreko plc is a global supplier of temporary power, heating and cooling equipment, serving a wide range of sectors – agriculture, mining, construction and pharmaceuticals. The services Aggreko provide include contingency planning, emergency response, fuel management and custom power plants.

Shoot You have been working with Aggreko since 2013. Over this time, we have become a strategic media partner, producing a wide range of digital assets. These include developing their updated brand look-and-feel supported by a global corporate video, social media content, event filming and recruitment videos. We regularly repurpose content for different territories and media channels.

Selected Works


Brand video

Bringing remote power to businesses and individuals is an essential service we take for granted. In this video, Aggreko wanted to explain the scale and scope of its projects, as well as the passion of its people to deliver expert, local knowledge. To achieve this, we took crews to 8 locations, including major cities and isolated communities, to film Aggreko’s services in action over a period of 6 weeks. A full-scale production, filmed with actors and a full crew across the globe, this brand video was part of Aggreko's re-brand in 2016 and continues to serve to spread their core message in their communications.


Lifecycle of a windfarm

A stylish animation communicating the lifecycle of a windfarm and Aggreko's role within this entire journey.


Myanmar case study

In Myanmar, ‘brownouts’ are a reality when a nation dependant on hydro-power hits the dry season. Aggreko asked us to film a real case study - mobilising specialized equipment from 12 different countries which was brought to Myanmar via air and sea. Within 6 weeks, Aggreko had set up an energy infrastructure. We shot this incredible project at multiple locations with a multi-camera set up and drones.


Zimbabwe case study

In 2016, Zimbabwe suffered a devastating drought. This dried the three hydro-electric dams which powered the country. In order to forestall an emergency, Aggreko were asked to quickly provide 200, 1MW generators and associated infrastructure. The resulting power plant prevented rolling brownouts in Harare and the surrounding area, and enabled the country to grow and prosper. We provided two crews – one in Harare and one in the powerplant to capture the successful operation, documenting Aggreko’s ability to quickly respond to an emergency and ensure power stays on for an entire country. Also, to further develop their brand we focused on the difference the Aggreko makes to the surrounding communities, including hospitals and schools.


Fish Farms

As part of a wide ranging, group marketing initiative, Aggreko commissioned a series of case studies. Core aspects of Aggreko's work are to bring stable temperature control and supply off grid power to remote locations. You can’t really get more ‘remote’ than an ocean borne aquatic farm. This is a perfect example of how animation can be used to bring subjects to life that would be prohibitively expensive to film. The result is an engaging and informative piece of work.


Chris Weston announces results

In this more contemporary and accessible annual results statement, Chris Weston (CEO of Aggreko), talks about key achievements from the previous year's trading accounts. To highlight these further, animated text and graphics were used to emphasise and re-enforce key points.

When you work with an agency you need to know that they know their stuff, invest passionately into your projects and can be trusted to get the job done beyond your expectations. To me, Shoot You fill all the criteria.
– Global Brand Manager - Aggreko