Engaging digital content is now a national and global commercial requirement. Shoot You create consistent, compelling messages, to highlight our clients brands in competitive markets.

About Us

Standing out in a crowded marketplace means reaching your audience across multiple digital channels. Video content needs to be adaptable, to suit different channels and archived in a way which allows easy access for immediate use, or amends. Clearly communicating the benefits of your products and services matters, although so does creativity. The finest way to promote brand identity is great storytelling, making your message memorable, not just information. The challenge is achieving a perfect balance between these requirements, one we relish.

Recording an in office interview


Our directors worked at the BBC for 15 years. Shoot You was formed in 2000 and has grown into a boutique production company, which enjoys key supplier status with several global brands. BBC values are still key to the company’s culture.

Video production at dragster track


Communication is why Shoot You are around and the way we work. Listening closely to our clients, along with our own staff, unlocks experience based knowledge. The key ingredient for a clear message and competitive advantage.

Film crew on board ship


Our crews have worked all over the world, producing fine footage in all types of environment. Good logistics make a shoot in the Namib desert work, although a London office interview deserves equal care. Meet The Team »

Video editing screen at kitchen production


Our clients come from a variety of market sectors, often with a global presence, the BBC, J.P.Morgan, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Aggreko, Honeywell. The wish they share is to create imaginative, international messages. See a Case Study »