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Interviews And Creative Thinking

Electra are a private equity company, who chose to showcase their support alongside the story a client. Interviews with the MD of the client company and a partner at Electra played well together, an imaginative use for talking heads video.

Talking Heads Are Personal Messages

The chore of posting DVDs is behind us, over 2 billion people can access a video via the web. We should still remember that for each of them, the experience is personal.

Talking Heads video production is about creating messages which resonate with the people watching them. Quality and content matter, although appealing to instinct is as important. Viewers instinctively recognise interviews which are open, natural.

Corporate Video Interviews

Creating a relaxed atmosphere helps, an autocue can at times and good producers develop techniques to assist. Even so, the practical approach tends to dictate success, the ability of the crew to allow interviewees to talk and move freely.

The right multiple camera set up achieves this, production staff able to cut from one to another quite unnoticed. The person who is the important part of the video can focus on delivering their message, in their way.

Each Interview Is Unique

As with the viewers, the subjects of talking heads videos are unique and their needs are best met by good preparation. A producer and crew should know the reason for an interview, not simply point a camera.

Whether a keynote speech, a public service announcement, a testimonial, or celebrity interview, a video production company should ensure they understand your brief, your rationale, the real reason they are there.

Production Under One Roof

Shoot You can provide crews of any size, in any country, can translate your video, add motion graphics or animation for logos and text, whatever you wish. Editors can be available on site to create a final cut, perhaps stream video to the web.

The reduced size of modern equipment also makes us remarkably mobile. We can set up in a hotel room, or office, on a construction site. Quality is not compromised in creating a video to carry a clear message.

Working With The Shoot You Team

We appreciate that for many people we interview, time is at a premium. The latest equipment helps with this, although so does good preparation and logistics. Both are supported by our most important task, listening to you.

Shoot You are here to ensure talking heads videos are more than that. We enjoy working in partnership, to deliver exceptional content. You are welcome to get in touch for a chat, or arrange to meet at your convenience.