Our Video Drone

Capturing the inaccessible, or adding great views to any video.


The Ability Of Video Drones

Until recently, aerial photography was the preserve of aviation, no longer with recent technology. Drones of many forms are available and Shoot You have acquired a Sky Moth video drone.

Aptly named, as this mini quadcopter mimics the flight of a moth, can track a moving target and stay steady in strong winds. This includes the ability to hover in one place, keeping the camera almost motionless.

Drones Can Overcome Barriers

Similar drones are being used to inspect high towers and bridges, by the military for surveillance. A drone can produce breathtaking arial shots with ease and they are regularly used by film production companies to add unforgettable scenes.

Shoot You offer our clients the same technology and opportunity. Enabling you to overcome physical barriers, extend the range of ideas able to be incorporated in a video for your company.

Enhancing Your Video Message

As you see in our showreel, the range and quality of the drone's HD camera is exceptional. Ideal for stand alone filming, or to blend in with existing video. Whatever plans you have for aerial shots to enchant your viewers, they can be met.

This is the key to our role, making your plans real. Your knowledge of your business and audience are the driving force behind our production. Shoot You are here to make sure your audience views that message in the unique way you wish.

Working With The Shoot You Team

Our team are driven by the opportunity to take ideas forward. We understand the importance of delivering video on time and on budget, drone or otherwise but we want to do more. To create clear information for your viewers, in a way they will always remember.

A video drone can be a valuable part of this, adding the exceptional to your production. From a corporate image, to an outdoor, or sports event, the opportunity is there. We welcome informal calls to talk about your project via the details below, or you can read more on Shoot You corporate video production.