• J.R.A Butler Associates

    J.R.A Butler Associates is a dynamic young company specializing in corporate communication within the World of finance with particular regard to Private Equity companies and their portfolio of investments. This is the first in a series of videos in which Ross Butler outlines the companies unique approach to corporate communication.

    J.R.A Butler Associates
    J.R.A Butler Associates

    J.R.A Butler Associa...»       

  • Convergys BT Wholesale

    A standard testimonial interview with a green screen backdrop. Motion graphics were added in post to highlight and reinforce the points being made.

    Convergys BT Wholesale
    Convergys BT Wholesale

    A standard testimoni...»       

  • Mitel General

    Presenter led video to provide an overview of the services Mitel can provide

    Mitel General
    Mitel General

    Presenter led video ...»       

  • IGel

    A delighted Nippon Express spokesman enthuses over IGel universal desktops.


    A delighted Nippon E...»       

  • Richard Branson

    'Talking Head' video to demonstrate Branson's support for conservation.org.

    Richard Branson
    Richard Branson

    'Talking Head' vid...»       

  • Mitel Complete

    This presenter led video provides an overview of Mitel products. The video uses motion graphics animation and green sceen to convey the huge range of advantages Mitel can confer upon its clients.

    Mitel Complete
    Mitel Complete

    This presenter led v...»       

  • M4M - The Team

    Meet the team - Video a video used to introduce members of the team who would be working on the account should M4M win it. They Won it.

    M4M - The Team
    M4M - The Team

    Meet the team - Vid...»       

  • Imperial College London

    One of a series of interviews with senior academics discussing various aspects of their chosen field. Output for use as educational training resource and conference presentations.

    Imperial College London
    Imperial College London

    One of a series of i...»       

Talking Heads and Interviews

It's never been quicker to interview people on camera; good news for interviewees who usually haven't got any time to waste. Shoot You provide camera crews to record interviews and key note messages both nationally and internationally; we can produce the final video on the format of your choice within hours of recording.

The reduced size of modern equipment means our crews can scoot through London to shoot multiple locations in a day. Alternatively, we can set up in a hotel room or office while you bring your interviewees to us.

We're asked to record:

  • Client testimonial videos 'I love Intel computers because.'
  • CEO and CFO 'bulletins' as part of a company's annual report.
  • Staff introductions for company lobby / pitch / recruitment videos.
  • Précised keynote speeches by guest speakers.
  • Market research answers e.g. by beauty editors 'What do you think of 'Dove' as a brand?'
  • Public 'vox pops' 'What do you think of 'Sainsbury's' new ad campaign?'
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) e.g. on medical issues 'How osteoporosis has affected my life'.
  • 'Sorry I can't be with you, but thanks for the prize' interviews by celebrities

Post Production

We always create a relaxed atmosphere so our 'artistes' feel comfortable. We can supply autocue to ensure interviewees stay 'on message' and green screen to liven up any background.

In post production we can animate a company logo and titles to top-and-tail the piece. We can create graphics to illustrate statistical information or to reinforce key points. Of course, we can add the music bed of your choice.

For examples of past projects please see our talking heads Showreel (above) and don't hesitate to call to talk through a project. 

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